Monty Zukowski

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I am a senior Java developer with many years of experience, including Spring, Jetty, Gradle, jUnit, RestAssured, JDBI, ANTLR, StringTemplate and Object-Capability Security. I am fluent in Python, which I use for all of my scripting. I currently work at Temboo programming the Internet of Things.

I love the complexity and deep work of programming language analysis and code generation. I wrote a complete open source parser and code transformation system for C89 & GCC using ANTLR. I've written various other code transformation systems and Domain Specific Languages with ANTLR and StringTemplate.

I practice Tai Chi, dance Argentine Tango, ferment kombucha, kefir and sauerkraut, live sustainably, volunteer for local organizations and occasionally teach a class in Python or Arduino programming.

I live in Jacksonville, Oregon.

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